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Gianluca Sturmann ~ Hand-decorated Plate "Closed"

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Description ~ This hand-decorated plate collection is part of a series created by the designer Gianluca Sturmann. The circle of the plate becomes the contour line of a face; made with a few free and sometimes almost geometric brushstrokes, it returns a very personal idea of the physicality of the face that appears timid and dreamy at the same time. The colors used are black and white, a choice that underlines a “minimal” idea of representation.
Dimensions ~ Diameter 25 cm
Notes ~ The dishes are born as pieces of furniture; they can be hung on a wall or used as a pocket emptier; you can eat in them and be hand washed.

Gianluca Sturmann ~ is an artist born in Genoa who lives and works in Bologna. He works on varied sets of projects, always looking for his own expressive and authorial style. In recent years he has combined his work in graphics and art with the production of collections of ceramic objects.