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Alessia Bressan ~ Prints Collection

This series of engravings starts from the desire to portray a mirage, a bed that is not there. A symbolic bed that is configured on the images of possible beds, which inhabit possible houses, to respond to the desire for rest and calm, for isolation and reconciliation, in contrast with the restless thrusts of everyday life.


Alessia Bressan is a sleepyhead who photographs, draws and collects beds in various forms and various media. She studied graphic art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, photography and languages of visual communication at the Cfp Bauer in Milan, and she has just started studying Visual Cultures and curatorial practices at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.

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Selfless sleeping. The physical body and mind create a multidimensional self. Being aware of sleeping dreamless is the path to undoing the ego-centered experience. 

The bed-object is the place where the ties between body and mind are disconnected from the superficial-self. The place where to explore sleeping without ego and be aware of it.